Broken Head​/​Broken Home

by Cold Lungs

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Recorded in 2013 at Haushwitz

Recorded By Jesse Berger and Justin Vanderhoek
Mixed by Jesse Berger
Mastered by Stu Mckillop @ Rain City Studios

A big thank you to anyone who has supported us so far, to Jesse for helping us get this recorded, to Tyler Frith of F/RITH photography, to anyone who has said kind words about us, and to anyone who listens to this, it's all appreciated


released December 1, 2013

Myles Mabee: Vocals
Tyler Marshall: Guitars
Graham Hopper: Bass
Zach Pyshniak: Drums
Justin Vanderhoek: Guitars



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Cold Lungs Edmonton, Alberta

Cold Lungs is a 3 piece not hardcore band from Edmonton. We play very loud.

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Track Name: Ruined
Every year is the same, I watch the water turn to ice.
I watch the ebb and flow slowly stop.
The passage is so slow, I hardly notice.
It’s always creeping; it’s always spreading, growing inwards further than before.
Every year is the same, I watch the water turn to ice.
They say home is where the heart is,
But if I have no home – then what am I?
(heartless – heartless)
Never been so cold, never been so fucking cold.
Cold to my veins, ice in my veins.
This year is different, there’s been no water, there's only ice.
Track Name: Memento Mori
It’s true I have a name
Not that you’d really care
The only words that matter
Are written on these pills
They’ll tell you all about me
And why I’m always laughing
It’s easier to get the joke
Than to show that

I don’t care
Are written
On my hands
That are worn
From years of

Digging in my nails so deep
That my skin is wearing off
The only thing in life it seems
Is trying to get the demons out
Is writing out my thoughts healthy
Are these words I write even helping
Am I just holding on to the one thing
That’s always been there for me

'Cause it’ll never leave.

We all claim to work on our problems
What if they're the one thing you rely on
I’m terrified without my fears
I’ll be an empty shell
And have nothing to offer

So if you ask who I am
All I can say is Zoloft or Prozac
And it’s no offense to you
That you can’t do a damn thing about it
Guess what, I’m all out of options
And I don’t know if this gun is loaded
I’ll check the cartridge to see if it is
But not before I pull the trigger first
Track Name: Trenches
I’ve got half a mind to tell you
Everything I’ve ever thought about you
But with all I’ve done and where I’ve been
Where would we go from there

It’s not like this is easy
Everyday I feel like Atlas
The weight of the continents
Is pushing me into the Atlantic
This isn’t me complaining
It’s just me trying to explain
The things I’m going through
And how I don’t really see them changing

I would not be so vain to
Admit that I am guilty
The satisfaction of owning up to my faults
Would tear me apart and kill me
I would not be so selfish
To act like I am happy
It's just these voices keep telling me it’s better if
None of you had ever known me
So take these words I’m writing
Because they’re all you’ll have left
I won’t admit I am guilty
Because I’m not sorry for any of this
Track Name: Lost From The Start
How can you keep track of the finish if you forget the distance?
If you’ve never seen the end, will it still look the same as you envisioned it?
I’m so sick, I’m so tired, and as I walk, every step is agony.
Have I lost my way again – or was I just lost from the start?
The road reflects a self I once believed in.
Now I don’t believe in anything, let alone myself.
The reality of how far I need to go is horrifying.
But if I stop then it’s all for nothing and I’m nothing but a fucking failure.
So I keep on moving – leaving bloody footprints as I go.
Track Name: Cowards
When I try to remember,
there’s only pain.
I’m stronger now, than I’ve ever been -
But still I feel helpless,
trapped by my own memories.

Trying to catch my breath from that day.
I never want to live it again.
If I could just let these things die.

I’m sure that I’d be happy.
I’m sure that Misery wouldn’t follow me.
Except here he is, always with me.
Breathing on my neck,
while whispering all of my fears.
And he doesn’t like sharing,
so I won’t be around.
I’m sorry that I can’t be there for you -
in more ways than one,
I’m still that scared little kid.
But I’ll wear this face I’ve found,
to hide the person I once was.

I’ll make a new self,
a self I can pretend to be.
Maybe someday, this face will be mine,
and I can leave that kid behind.

This mask has its secrets;
it yearns for hate and anger.
Now I’ve traded my fear for hate -
and I no longer feel afraid.

So I’ll stay by myself.
And let the cracks in the mask fade,
until this face becomes my own.
Until the hate outweighs my fear,
so I’m able to bury these memories so deep,
and wrap them so tightly,
that even I forget that they were there

But will I be able to care,
with a heart that’s full of hate.
At least I won’t be afraid -
and I can finally be free of that scared little kid.
I’ll finally be free.
I’ll finally be alright.